The Science Lab

In recent years the focus in English language education has shifted from teaching English as an isolated subject to teaching other subjects through English. As we will explore in this series of workshops, science is an ideal subject to teach through the medium of English.


  • Science is based on certain universal principles and procedures.
  • Science is a subject that generally advances from the concrete to the abstract.
  • Much work in science is done in small groups, therefore fostering authentic communication.
  • Skills in language learning and science learning are similar (ability to make hypotheses, predictions and observations).

In this series of workshops, we will look at planning, teaching and assessment activities for each of the three cycles of Primary, in the following format:

  • Unit planning: content and language objectives and assessment
  • Classroom activities based on projects and experiments for use throughout the Unit, with a focus on using the steps of the Scientific Method
  • Assessment tools
  • Resources for extension and further reading

The sessions will be practical, with teachers engaging in many of the proposed activities and experiments. Throughout the workshops teachers will be encouraged to discuss and reflect on the application of the activities to their own classroom contexts.

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